Saturday, July 18, 2009

Good Day...

Today was pretty low key which was good....took care of Caylan while my husband worked out early this morning...once he got done we did the switch-a-roo and I went to workout and my husband took care of Caylan.
I had a great workout...did some exercises for my back and chest, mainly push-ups for my chest and pull-ups for my back...then did 200 abs exercises...I do a variety of exercises to hit my muscles in different ways, but 200 still burns at the end...I'm working to get my toned stomach back. Having a baby does a wonder on your abdominal muscles...I'm starting to see a little of the definition coming back which is good and motivates me to do more. Then after that I did a spin husband and I like to do spin on Saturdays (we alternate each week) because there is an awesome spin teacher at the gym that we both like. The cool thing is today that class was not as hard as it has been. It normally completely kicks my rear end, but today it was very hard, but not as bad!! :) So that's a good sign that I'm getting back into shape.

Well my little one put herself to sleep in her crib tonight so that was a blessing. Bedtime isn't really bad here, but sometimes Caylan just doesn't want to go to sleep and fights it like Muhammad Ali!! :) But tonight I sang and rocked her like I normally do, then just put her in the crib and actually told my husband to come up and check on her while I washed my the time he got up the stairs she was knocked out!!

Off to hang with my hubby and watch tomorrow then a Sunday School class bowling outing that I organized. I hope it goes well!! :)


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