Friday, July 17, 2009

Ten Interesting Facts About Me....

I'm still very new to the blog universe so I figured today would be a good day to give people a little more insight to who I here goes!!!

1. I was born and raised in Atlanta and still live here....granted I left to attend college (undergrad and grad school), but I have lived pretty much in the suburbs of Atlanta my whole life, which is very rare...when I tell people I meet that I'm from Atlanta they are shocked because there are very few native Atlantans.

2. I've known my husband since we were in high we were not high school sweethearts, actually he said I wasn't cool in high school because I couldn't hang out and party on the weekends (my parents were very protective of me). For the record I was pretty popular in high school mainly because I was a star athlete, playing softball, basketball and husband has a different opinion and his is wrong!! :)

3. My husband and I reconnected/met at the gym...we both love to workout and connected a little over 5 years ago working out at the local YMCA. We dated for two years and have been married for three....(he's also a native Atlantan)

4. I have recently become addicted to the Food Network....I used to skip this channel, but now I watch almost all the shows...I'm a big fan of Paula Deen, Down Home with the Neely's, Bobby Flay Throwdown, and Food Network Challenge...I've picked up some new recipes which my husband appreciates!!

5. I attended Wake Forest University (Go Deacs!!) and was a walk-on for the women's basketball team...

6. I have coached basketball in some capacity for the past 19 years...I started coaching while in college and was most recently the varsity girls coach for a public high school. I resigned this past spring once I had Caylan and I'm not sure if I will enter the profession again....time will tell..

7. One of my favorite vacation places of all time was Jamaica....if you ever have the chance to go, please do!! The beaches are outstanding (I've been to Hawaii, Cancun, Cozumel, and Bahamas and Jamaica tops those) and the people are so friendly and husband and I had an amazing time!!

8. I love to lift weights...I'm working on improving my desire to do cardio, but I love lifting weights...I love lifting heavy weights moreso....its so awesome to go into the gym and have guys be impressed with what you are lifting or when I can lift more than them!!! I just like being strong and seeing my muscles...hopefully I will return to my pre-baby form soon...I'm getting pretty close!!

9. My favorite book in the New Testament is favorite in the Old Testament is Proverbs.

10. My favorite sport is football, both college and the NFL....I pretty much like any sport except baseball....but I love watching football!! I can't wait for the upcoming season to start, its around the corner!!

I hope you enjoyed find out a little bit more about me....


Mommyof2girlz said...

Stopping by to say Hi and follow from the MBC Follow Me Club :)

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Nice to meet you. Stopping by via MBC to follow.

Krystel ( Mocha Wifey) said...

Hello I came across your blog on twittermoms.

I have to agree with you I am a hugeeeeee fan of the Food Network and it is safe to say I am totally addicted to it.

My husband is in the Army and before we got stationed in Hawaii we lived in Savannah GA and can you guess I used to try to go see Paula Deen !!! LOL To bad I only saw her once at the Xmas Parade but her restaurant there is great.

Anyway just wanted to stop by and say hello.

Take Care

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