Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Been Awhile.....

Its been awhile since I posted to my blog!! I didn't realize how time consuming adding returning to work full-time to being a wife and mom!!! Kudos to other working moms out there....kudos to stay at home moms too!!

Well my classes are crowded...105 students, 35 in a trailer each class for an hour and a half!! They took their first test today and for the most part did pretty well. I usually have a lot more failures on my first test and these kids did well so I'm happy to see that...hopefully they continue their commitment to doing well in my class. We just recently covered the mundane introduction to health...now we get to cover peer and family relationships. For these chapters instead of a test, I have them get into groups and put together a skit based on peer and family relationships. In the past some of the skits have been bad, but some have been really good from Jerry Springer type shows to families in complete shambles who get help and greatly improve their relationships (I make all the skits have a happy ending!!). So I'm interested to see what these three classes do. They picked their groups today and will begin work on their skits tomorrow.....hopefully we have some future actor/actresses in the making!! :)

I'm off to enjoy some time with Caylan...I can't believe how much I miss hanging out with her all day like I did this summer....granted, I'm happy to have a job and love to teach, but would love nothing more than to change dirty diapers and baby babble all day!! :)


Anita said...

You are blessed to enjoy your "nine to five" job! Many people don't. --- I'm looking forward to getting back to my blog and to write as often as you do. Even though you skipped a few days, you still are good to get your postings done. I am going to do better when my kids go back to school. In Virginia, we always start school the day after Labor Day.

Shana said...

Yes, I enjoy the teaching part...now all the paperwork (public school has way more paperwork than private) and the meeting and parent phone calls I could do without...but just being in the classroom with the kids and having them leave my room more knowledgeable is awesome!!

Wow Labor Day...we would have been in school a month by then!! :(

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