Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy MLK Day!!

Well I hope most of you are enjoying the day off....I had five days off last week....yes, FIVE DAYS...because of the Atlanta we don't normally deal with snow and ice, but in all my years of living her, staying out of schools all of those days was legit. The ice was too dangerous for buses, which is important. I didn't want to miss that many days of school personally, but I did enjoy the extra time with my little one. That picture is of her out in the snow last Monday.

Well in the spirit of the holiday, I've been thinking about motivation and passions. What is your motivation? What are you passionate about? I have many things in my passion pouch, or things I'm passionate about. My main passions are my relationship with Jesus Christ, my family, fitness/health, and desire to help others, especially kids. Being a teacher, now I help kids on a daily basis so I'm able to fulfill my passion of helping children everyday. Also I can't leave out the fact that I'm a mom so I help my daughter every single day!! I still have the itch to pursue personal training and help adults and children meet their fitness goals as a full-time occupation. Hopefully God will open a door for me this year. My passions are and will continue to be consistent, strong, and pure. Imagine if Dr. King hadn't had such strong determination, passion, and drive??? For one man to have an impact on so many others, his motivation had to be genuine and strong. So again, I ask what is your motivation?


Anita said...

What a nice way to honor Dr. King. You are so correct in that, who knows where we'd be without his passion.

My passion is simply - living, absorbing, and experiencing. And, I am deeply thankful to God, in the name of Jesus, for my life, the lives of my family and friends, and this awesome country that we live in.

Nice to see you posting again and to see how your little one is growing. :)

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