Thursday, July 28, 2011

Its been a busy, busy summer!!!

Wow, its been such a busy summer, I don't know where to begin!!! Well I'm in full swing at my new job....its been interesting, tough, but very rewarding. I hear summer is a slow time for training, so I'm looking forward to the fall when business picks up. Luckily, I have an awesome boss who has been very helpful and supportive during my time there. There is a great atmosphere at the gym, and it feels like family so far which makes it a great environment to work in. I have a few clients and hope to earn many more with my knowledge and passion for fitness....time will tell.
Outside of training, I've also being coaching summer basketball....that has not been a fun and smooth experience. Unfortunately, I jump into to situations thinking that others involve themselves with kids/coaching with the ultimate goal of helping the kids become better players and people. This naivety as gotten me in trouble twice last summer with one organization and GM that didn't communicate boundaries well. We have since communicated our issues and misunderstanding and found a mutual respect for each other.
Well this summer I got into double trouble with a prideful president of a summer basketball organization. When someone does not have the kids' best interest at heart, that is not a situation for me. Unfortunately all of the drama from coaching has worn me, my husband and my daughter out. I walked away this week and feel complete peace about being at home with my family and not dealing with nonsense. Although I love my team and my girls, I feel walking away was ideal and removed drama from their rest of their summer playing experience. I now have to sit down with my husband to re-examine if coaching is best for me and my family. I enjoy it, but don't want to revisit another situation full of drama and selfish focus instead of it being on the kids!!! :)
Off to spend more quality time with my little girl before my husband gets home....I plan to be better keeping this blog updated!!


The Polka Dot Princess said...

What a fun blog! I found you on mommy bloggers and I am excited to read your stuff! If you get a chance to check mine out, that would be super! Thanks much and have a magical day!

Anita said...

Hope the almost-fall has started out on a good note. :)

How's your little darling? I'n sure you're enjoying her as she continues to move into new territory.

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