Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Quick update......

Well its been awhile, I've been running around almost like a chicken with my head cut off but have had a lot of peace of mind while doing it. I made the leap into personal training and it hasn't gone as smoothly as thought, but it has been interesting. There is tremendous upside to training (my own hours, more time with my little one, doing something I really enjoy) but so far the financial side has not caught up. I know economically many people can not afford things like personal training anymore, but I was hoping it would be a lot more financially stable than it has been. I hope and pray that business picks up at the beginning of the year with all the new years resolution gym goers.....
My family is great, my little one is growing up so fast. My husband and I enjoy her so much as well as each other....I can't believe she will be three in a little over a month and a half...we had a great Christmas (my husband of course got my girl all the gifts she wanted) and I look forward to the surprises and joys of 2012...I promise to be better at keeping this updated in 2012!! :)


Anita said...

If I were in your town, I'd hire you!

Even though I'm in fairly good shape (running, horseback riding, and taxi-ing my kids around helps), some professional advice would be good. Maybe I'll do that some day.

It's nice to see a picture of your daughter. :)

Happy New Year!

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