Monday, June 25, 2012

It has been a really long time since I've posted on here....I apologize for being so slack, but life has had me super busy like everyone!! :) Well here a quick family update....we have welcomed #2 into the world!!! Micah was born in April and now our family is complete with a girl and a boy. He's a good baby, only wants to eat and sleep, and I love when he smiles and laughs at me now....I'm very proud of his big sister who has been great with her little brother. She likes to help change is diaper and when he cries she says "what's wrong with the brother mommy?" So of course a second child has been keeping my husband and I busy and always on our toes. Dealing with two children under 3 is hard work, and I completely am in awe of women who do it by themselves or parents that have more than two kids!!! :) I stopped training to stay at home with the new little one. Training didn't pan out like I hoped financially, so I plan on returning back to teach. Paying for one kid is expensive so of course two is definitely even though I enjoyed training and still have a passion for fitness, teaching will help pay the bills. I'm waiting to get my school assignment since I took a year leave of absence. Hopefully I will hear something very soon. I will be coaching basketball again this summer...we head out for tournaments next month, so I'm enjoying my last bit of vacation this June. I will be joining the teaching force in August and hoping to be blessed with the opportunity to personal train again in the near future. Until then, I'm enjoying being a wife, mom x2, and person at peace :) I promise to be better at updating this :)


Anita said...


I must say that I am surprised. Once upon a time, you could not picture yourself as mom x2. Best wishes and prayers for you and your family as you re-join the world of teaching. Life has more surprises in store for you. Your dreams may be on the back burner, but keep them simmering.

Both of your children are adorable!

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