Saturday, July 21, 2012

Busy Summer (Coaching Again)....

For some reason I just can't get coaching out of my system. I vowed to my husband once we had children I would stop coaching, but three years later, I'm still involved with the game. I really enjoy building relationships with the girls and teaching the game. Its something I've been blessed with the ability to do, and I still cannot find the heart to let it go and walk away. 

We are winding down exposure basketball and starting the second half of July with some major tournaments.  Our major event earlier this month was adidas Nationals held in Louisville, KY. Our girls performed very well going 3-1 over the four days and finished in 5th place. More important than the 5th place finish, a number of our girls got scholarship offers from Division I schools, which is the main purpose of exposure ball. I was very happy for the girls that received interest from schools because of their play in early July. Our team has created a buzz and I hope we live up to expectations and play well again in the 2nd half starting tomorrow evening. Above is the picture of the team I'm coaching (Atlanta Celtics). Below is a picture of me with our adidas All-Americans and the GM of the Atlanta Celtics Girls Division.

This trip I'm bringing both kids, and giving my husband a few days to relive the bachelor life that has been long long long gone....I know he will enjoy being able to workout longer and have a quiet house to come home to the next couple of evenings. We had a good low key July 4th and spent time with my family. Below is a picture of all of us!!


Anita said...

The girls need you. Who else is going to do it? :) You'll know when your season of coaching is over.

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