Monday, November 5, 2012

Happy Fall.....Change of season....

Once again its been awhile (since the summer) since I wrote a post on my blog. I vowed before to do a better job, but of course life happens and blogging falls by the waste side....

I love summer weather (and the heat) so this fall change is not my favorite....also the change in season means my children are getting older by the minute which makes me sad. Now having two kids I really understand the statement many mom friends told me "time flies fast....they will be 18 before you know it..." I always laughed at that statement but now, I TOTALLY feel what they mean....

My little ones are 3 1/2 and 7 months and both growing before my eyes. They keep my husband and I busy, but we are truly blessed to have great oldest (Tornado) is a never ending bottle of energy....she's a drama queen although she corrects me daily and says "I'm a drama princess, mama". My little man, is so low key and laid back. God definitely helped balance us out and reward us with a sweet, calm baby, after dealing with Tornado for the past three years :)

Here are some pics of them from Halloween....we had Princess Merida and the Incredible Hulk this Halloween....they both enjoyed the trick or treating and Princess Merida definitely enjoyed some sweet goodies!!

I will be back to write soon!!! (Seriously this time I will) the meantime I will keep myself busy with the daily duties of wife, mother, personal trainer, and part-time teacher.....exhausting but awesome :)


Anita said...

I recently started doing a "sort of" boot camp with my friends in the neighborhood a couple mornings a week. Running, jump roping, pushups, kick booxing, weights,etc. I notice a difference in my body and will continue. We actually do it outside - kinda nice to have the cold invigorating us.

Oh, our trainer doesn't know that I'm 54. Ha! I think she thinks I'm mid-forties, but I won't tell. If she knows, she and the other 42 year olds will comment on every "fascinating" thing I'm able to do. LOL

I'm rambling, so I'll end by saying how cute and adorable your children are. Continued best wishes and blessings to you and your husband in raising them.

Joel said...

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